Grand Canyon: 6 Spectacular Things Not to Be Missed

Visiting the Grand Canyon is often high on travelers’ bucket lists. There are so many amazing things to do at the Grand Canyon, you might be overwhelmed on where to start!

Part of the Grand Canyon makes up one of the most famous of all the US’s national parks, while other sections are located on lands still owned by Native Americans. Both sections of this massive UNESCO-listed site offers dramatic scenery, varied flora and fauna, cultural encounters, amazing vistas and an abundance of activities. Stretching for more than 270 miles and reaching up to 18 miles wide, not to mention the wealth of awesome sites found en route, knowing the best places to visit in the Grand Canyon is essential.

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Grand Canyon in the Summer: How to Beat the Heat

  One of America’s greatest natural wonders is the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This dazzling canyon plunging 5000 feet deep is almost impossible to grasp. It is one of the few landmarks visible from space. Standing on the edge offers vistas stretching as far as you can see. Meadows, forests, desert, the Grand Canyon has … Read more

Our Epic Utah and Arizona Grand Canyon Road Trip

Road tripping is the quintessential American summer vacation. We joined the masses this year with a 10 day road trip through Arizona and Utah.  Our epic journey took us to 4 national parks as well as some classic American gems –Route 66, the wonders of the Grand Canyon, rafting down the Colorado River and hiking through a … Read more