Palace on Wheels Train: A Journey Through Rajasthan

Palace on Wheels Train Journey Through RajasthanMost first-timers in India focus on exploring the well known Golden Triangle area of the country that encompasses Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It is here that you can experience the hustle and bustle of Old Delhi, while also getting inspired by the world’s most famous monument to love at the Taj Mahal in Agra before heading into the beautiful pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

There are few regions more fascinating than Rajasthan. With opulent palaces, historic forts and animals galore, you are fully immersed into the history and culture of India, both past and present. Travel here is a sensory experience on all levels – the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Rajasthan provide visitors a perfect sampling of what the country has to offer. Trust me, as soon as you spot women in their bright pink or orange sari’s, you will be swooning.

Palace on Wheels Train Journey Through RajasthanGiven that Rajasthan embodies the classic image that fills most people’s imagination about India, it’s only fitting that one of the country’s most popular train journeys, the Palace on Wheels, traverses 3000 kilometers through this colorful desert state.

Spanning a large portion of northwest India, Rajasthan is massive, and virtually impossible to fully experience even on a longer trip. That said, the Palace on Wheels train journey offers an amazing itinerary hitting the major sights of the state in a very short amount of time. In just 7 nights, the Palace on Wheels includes the Golden Triangle, two national parks and more forts and palaces than you can count.

Read on for more information and our Palace on Wheels review on this iconic traditional train journey taking visitors though one of India’s most beautiful states.

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Traveling by Luxury Trains in India

Traveling by Luxury train in India

If you follow me on social media you will have surely heard that I’m heading back to India to catch a ride on one of India’s most famous trains, the Palace on Wheels. Living in India for years I had heard many tales of the gloriousness of the Palace on Wheels train, but never had the opportunity to check it out. Therefore, you can imagine how excited I was to be chosen to participate in the Great India Blog Train and to get a room on one of the best luxury trains in India, the Palace on Wheels.

As part of India’s promotion of luxury train travel in India, the Great India Blog Train includes several other luxury trains that I had never heard of, but sound pretty spectacular. Since I hadn’t heard of these other trains even after years of living in the country, I thought it would be nice to share more information on each of these trains with you guys.

Travel by train in India has and continues to be one of the main methods of transportation in this vast country, so it’s no surprise the rise in popularity of special luxury trains crisscrossing the country.

The concept of traveling by luxury trains in India is that you will travel from one town to another mostly overnight in the comfort of private sleeping quarters, while enjoying prepaid organized group excursions in each town on the itinerary. Think a cruise on wheels essentially! The luxury train is a perfect way for tourists to get their feet wet in India without having to deal with the hassle of moving accomodation every day, figuring out where to eat or sorting their own tours or English speaking guides.

For the adventure traveler, an all inclusive guided tour may not be their cup of tea, but for families or adults who do not feel so confident traveling to India on a first adventure, this is a wonderful option in the travel market.

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The Cliffs Resort Pismo Beach | Luxury on the California Coast

On our recent trip to San Luis Obispo Country with SLO CAL Tourism, we had the amazing opportunity to stay at The Cliffs Spa & Hotel in Pismo Beach. If you are headed to the San Luis Obispo area, there are many cool options for places to stay, but none compare with the luxury, location and fabulous service provided at The Cliffs Resort Pismo Beach. We would highly recommend it for your next visit or even if you are just passing through on a Pacific Coast Highway road trip.

Read on to find out why we loved it so much!

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