Sky’s the Limit Observatory in 29 Palms

Skys the Limit Observatory in 29 PalmsOne of the best places in Southern California for star gazing is in and around Joshua Tree. We have been out several times specifically to do this, but only recently learned about the Sky’s the Limit Observatory in 29 Palms. On our last visit to the northern part of Joshua Tree we noticed the observatory’s white building contrasting in the desert landscape, but didn’t really know if it was open to the public, so we didn’t stop. On my most recent trip however, I heard that they offer free weekly viewings, so I went to check it out.

Living so close to Griffith Park Observatory, I am no stranger to star parties, so it’s not always easy to impress me with telescopes. But I have to say that the Sky’s the Limit Observatory was fantastic in more ways than one.

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29 Palms: A Joshua Tree Hidden Gem

29 Palms OasisWe have been to Joshua tree too many times to count, but we continue to find new areas to explore. On my most recent trip, I had the opportunity to stay in Twentynine Palms near the Oasis of Mara entrance. In all my times to the park, I have only visited this area twice. Now I have a new reason to return.

The city of Twentynine Palms is a wonderful destination as well as place to stay while exploring Joshua Tree. The town itself is super cute, bursting at the seams with a creative vibe that is inspiring. This part of Joshua tree is less touristed than the main visitor center, but there are plenty of reasons why you should make put Twentynine Palms on your must visit list.

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