Top 5 Things for Families to Do in Palm Springs

An exclusive vacation spot for Californians and out of towners alike, Palm Springs is known for its outdoor exploration, relaxation and intense heat. These things blend together to create the perfect desert experience. Ideal for a girls weekend away or a couples retreat, Palm Springs is also a wonderful destination for families. Skip the beach … Read more

Sky’s the Limit Observatory in 29 Palms

Skys the Limit Observatory in 29 PalmsOne of the best places in Southern California for star gazing is in and around Joshua Tree. We have been out several times specifically to do this, but only recently learned about the Sky’s the Limit Observatory in 29 Palms. On our last visit to the northern part of Joshua Tree we noticed the observatory’s white building contrasting in the desert landscape, but didn’t really know if it was open to the public, so we didn’t stop. On my most recent trip however, I heard that they offer free weekly viewings, so I went to check it out.

Living so close to Griffith Park Observatory, I am no stranger to star parties, so it’s not always easy to impress me with telescopes. But I have to say that the Sky’s the Limit Observatory was fantastic in more ways than one.

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