50+ Amazing Spots for Camping in Southern California

Best beach camping in Southern California

Camping in Southern California is one of the best outdoor, social distance activities available. Lakes, mountains, and beaches – a multitude of campgrounds in Southern California offer an incredible array of places to match the season and everyone’s interests. With vacations being cancelled and people worried about gathering in groups, camping is the in thing to do! Below is a collection of our favorite campgrounds in Southern California that we will continue to update as we come across more.

If you have some favorites that we have missed, please share them with us as we would love to check out more off the beaten path sites around the state.

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8 Magnificent Things to Do in Northern California

When people think of all the things to do in Northern California they often just consider the landmark destinations like San Francisco and the Napa wine tasting country. However, a little further afield up the California coast lies Redding and UpState California. This area is often dubbed “the real northern California”, which is the vast area north of Sacramento all the way up to the Oregon border. This area features dramatic waterfalls, redwood forests, adorable welcoming towns and a host of other northern California attractions.

I’ve explored much of this beautiful state in the almost 20 years I have lived here, including parts of UpState California, but the area between Muir Woods and the Redwoods (because my brain thinks in terms of national parks apparently!) proved elusive. When Visit California asked what area I would like to explore in partnership with their #Kidifornia series, I jumped at the chance to finally make my way to the true northern California region to check out the natural beauty of the area’s national parks as well as the main adventure hub of Redding. Now that I have visited, I have to share my love of the area and help put this amazing region on your radar too!

Keep reading to find out our favorite things to do in northern California from north of San Francisco up to Redding and even further UpState California.

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