Seeking Out the Beauty of Mammoth Lakes Fall Colors

Did you know that you can find fall colors in California? While New England wins hand down for the best fall colors, those of us on the west coast can also cash in on this fall favorite. Mammoth Lakes fall colors lures visitors from near and far for their yearly display of bright yellow aspen trees and beautiful fall colors in California’s eastern sierras. The best fall colors are typically popping around mid Sept to the end of October, making it the ideal destination for a fall leaf peeping trip.

For those of us in Southern California, sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the seasons are really changing elsewhere in the US. We have heat waves and fires all through the fall, often making the changing of temperatures further up north a distant thought. If you are like me and try to bring a little bit of fall foliage into your autumn, head up the 395 where you can experience the beauty of fall from Bishop to Mammoth Lakes and even further north to the South Lake Tahoe area.

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16 Beautiful West Coast National Park Road Trip Stops

Ever dreamed of hitting all the big parks on an epic West Coast national park road trip? I know that it’s long been a dream of mine to drive from Seattle down to Los Angeles hitting as many of the national parks as possible. These days we have visited almost all the parks, but no … Read more

Best Family Road Trips in the US

One of our all time favorite ways to travel is by road. Prior to having kids road trips were few and far between. Usually just as a means to get somewhere that was too expensive to fly! I wasn’t looking to take it slow, savoring each little moment as much as I do now with a child in tow. And I’m not alone. Road tripping is one of the most popular ways for families to vacation. It is cheaper, easier and families can go at their own pace.  I asked my fellow travel bloggers for their top family road trips in the US that everyone should take at least once.

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12 Spectacular State and National Parks Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for its casinos and nightlife. However, surprising to most, Las Vegas is also a great hub for exploring some of the west’s most beautiful nature. There are several great state and national parks near Las Vegas, offering visitors a mix of glitz and glamour while also showcasing some of the best natural landscapes in the US.

With cheap flights in and out of Las Vegas and tons of things to do with families, more and more travelers are using this city as the gateway for some of the best outdoor experiences in the West. Below we provide a comprehensive guide to 12 amazing state and national parks near Las Vegas, including national monument and recreation sites.

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7 Top Tips for Road Trips With Kids

One of our favorite ways to travel is by taking a road trip. It is the perfect way for the whole family to spend quality time together while exploring different destinations. There’s no worry of public meltdowns on planes, trains or buses—that’s not to say, however, that meltdowns won’t happen though!

Road trips with kids can help families reduce costs on their vacations; you don’t need to fork out for expensive airfares for everyone and you can pack a cooler for picnics along the way. Although, I must admit, while some kids may be excited to sit in the car for hours at a time, others can get bored incredibly quickly. Below I have shared some handy tips o help you plan your next (relatively) hassle-free road trip whether it is just up I-5 or across the country. Also check out these helpful tips on what to avoid while planning a road trip

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World’s Best Family Road Trips

World's Best Family Road TripsRoad tripping is a quintessential part of life in many countries around the world. Growing up in the US, we often think of road trips as being an American thing (don’t we think that about all things!), but through my years of traveling around the world, I have seen how it’s part of the fabric of so many societies. One of the things that families throughout the world seem to have in common is their love of road trips!

Check out the top road trips around the world that my fellow family travel bloggers have recommended. Next week I will share the best road trips in the US (in case you were wondering why they are not here!).

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Travel Activities for Kids Without Using Electronics

We are not an electronic free family, but for much of our travel, our son has not been very interested in watching movies or playing on the iPad. This has meant coming up with lots of ideas on how to keep him entertained on our long trans-atlantic flights or our 7 hour car journey between … Read more